General Assembly Member Application for New Key


$ 20 - One Time Only

Lost your Key?

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Terms & Condition to apply for the key:

  1. You are not authorize to share key other than your immediate family member
  2. First Key $20.00, to replace lost key will cost $10.00
  3. Lost/Stolen key must be reported immediately to ICOF.
  4. You must be ICOF member to request for key.
  5. You must not involve with any activities in the masjid which is not approved by ICOF bylaws.
  6. Do not add/alter any message on the bulletin board, without approval from the ICOF management.
  7. Prayers times are announced by the ICOF management only.
  8. You are not authorize to remove any property belongs to ICOF without prior approval.
  9. Please turn off lights, air conditioning, and lock front door before leaving the building.

ICOF management can change the rules and cancel your membership at any time at its discretion

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