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Dear Brothers and sisters: Assalamu Alaikum 
Islamic Center of Fullerton (ICOF) announces Eid Al-Adha prayers will be held on Tuesday                                                       July 20th, 2021 at 7:30 am at:

                                                     St. Philip Benizi Church

                                        235 S. Pine Street, Fullerton, CA 92833

                                            Takbeerat will start at 7:15 am I.A

Jummah Congregation will start at 1:15 InshAllah.

Following rules will be enforced strictly, your cooperation is requested:

1. All congregant attending services must wear Face Mask.
2. All congregants must bring their own praying rug to use in all of their prayers. Please perform your Sunnah Salah & do ablution (wadu) at home.
3. All congregants’ temperature will be checked by Forehead scanner at entrance by security including men and women.
4. Any congregants with high temperature exceeding 100.4 Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter.
5. Any congregant with any sign of sickness especially coughing and sneezing will not be allowed to enter.
6. Maximum number of congregant will not exceed 25% of Masjid capacity or 100, if you come late , you will not  be allowed to participate in all the services.
7. All congregants must adhere to social distancing of separation by 6 feet from each other.
8. All congregants to avoid handshaking, kissing or hugging each other during or after services.
9. Children under 15 will not be allowed due to higher risk.
10. Please wash your hands and sanitize it as soon as you are done praying.
11. Friday service will be short.
12. Any violators of these regulations will be removed from praying area by security.
13. These regulations are effective on Friday February 19, 2021 and until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

ICOF Management.

ICOF Celebrates Eid Al-Adha 2021

Please join us july 24, 2021 at craig Regional park
3300 N. State college blvd fullerton, ca 92835

please bring your favorite dish to share with all. I.a.

History of Islamic Center of Fullerton (ICOF). 
Previously known as Vietnamese Muslim Community.

The idea of the Islamic center of Fullerton grew out of the concerns of a small group of Vietnamese Muslim families, mostly immigrants who settled in Orange County. The need to preserve their religious identity, cultural heritage, and desire to educate their children in Islamic principles drew these families together, often on weekends.
Initially a small group comprised of 10-15 families started to meet on weekends. Meetings were initially held in private homes.  Over a period of time, through word of mouth, more families started to get together and the group realized the need for a permanent home.

In 2004 Brother Musa Asari decided to rent a facility and established Vietnamese Muslim Community  501 (C) 3 a nonprofit organization.  In 2017 community realized the need to create a better structure and to be more inclusive it was suggested to change the name from VMC to ICOF and established first board of directors under ICOF.

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